They are not a new breed of Ragdoll, they are the same amazing cat wrapped in a different paint job!

Mink, Sepia and Solid Ragdolls are not a new breed or a new pattern of Ragdoll, it’s a bloodline that can be traced back to the first Ragdoll cats bred by Ann Baker. 

While many breeders are choosing to work with only the Traditional Ragdoll lines, more and more Ragdoll breeders are falling in love with the lush, dark coats and coloured eyes of the Mink, Sepia and Solid Ragdolls.

While Mink, Sepia, Coloured and Traditional Ragdolls are all Purebred Ragdolls (Registered with Pedigrees) there are a few differences between them. Mink, Sepia and Solid Ragdoll kittens are born with colour and visible patterns, whereas the Traditional Ragdoll kittens are born white.

The Mink colour is much richer than the Traditional Ragdolls colour, the Sepia's colour is double in darkness compared to the Mink as a Sepia carries a double Mink gene. 

Standard Coat Colour:

Seal (black in solids), blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, cream and tortie.
(Please note that new colours are coming in as breeders work with new imported lines, check with your cat registry if they accept these new incoming colours.)

Standard Pattern:

Coloured points - colour on face, legs and tail
Mitted - white mitts on front paws, boots on the back legs, white chin and bib (some mitted cats can also have the bicolour inverted V shape on its face, this is known as a mitted or high mitted, not a bicolour).
Bicolour - Has the inverted V on its face, white on all the legs its stomach, chin and bib.

Eye Colour:

Traditional Ragdoll are always blue.
Mink Ragdolls eyes range from aqua (blue-green to green-blue), blue (rare) and sometimes a greenish-gold (not recommended for breeding cats - personal choice).
Sepia Ragdolls can have aqua, blue, green, gold or a rainbow of other eye colors.
Solid Ragdolls can have green, gold, blue, aqua, yellow or two eye colours (each eye is a different colour).

Traditional Ragdolls coat colour continues to deepen as they mature, normally until they are 3 - 4 years old.

Solid Ragdolls are born with their coat colour and they do not darken or lighten as they mature, their coat colour will always remain the same.

Mink and Sepia Ragdolls deepen in colour as they mature, however I find that the transformation is nothing like that of the Traditional Ragdoll.  It is very minimal, what you see in your kitten is the colour you get as an adult.

This is the reason why a Ragdoll kitten shouldn't leave its mother until it is 12 weeks of age or older 14 - 16 weeks if needed.

Mink, Sepia and Solid Ragdolls have the same characteristics as the Traditional Ragdolls. 


Black Mitted Coloured Ragdoll
Trait CCs


Blue Lynx Point Mink Ragdoll 
Trait CsCb


Blue Point Sepia Ragdoll
Trait CbCb

Traditional Ragdoll

Blue Bicolour 
Trait CsCs