Breeding! Our Goal….

People often ask us why we wanted to become breeders. For us it was to breed healthy, happy and loving Ragdolls for families around Australia; we also wanted to bring different lines of Ragdolls into Australia as we do not want to lose the first foundation lines of Ragdolls which are our Solids, Sepias and Minks.
These cats are purebred Ragdolls with pedigrees dating back to the foundation cats of Anne Baker.

The striking fur and eye colour is what made us fall in love with the Solids, Sepais and Minks, unlike other countries in Europe, America, Canada etc. we only had 4 breeders in Australia working on these old lines, however we are noticing more registered pedigreed breeders are breeding these beauties and it’s great to see.

Anna Baker the creator of the Ragdolls often spoke about these cats when she started the breeding program, over the years they have been forgotten and pushed aside to make way for what people like to call the “traditional Ragdoll” the blue eyed cat. All Ragdolls are beautiful no matter what colour they are.

Our Mink line has a 95.8% generation link (based on Pawpeds) to the foundation cats of Anna Baker.

Our Sepia line in the making will have a 96.7% generation link (based on Pawpeds) to the foundation cats of Anna Baker.

Michael and I are working with other like-minded breeders to hopefully achieve a goal of seeing Minks, Sepias and Solid Ragdolls on the judging bench at cat shows in the future, and we hope that more Cat Associations will learn to accept these beautiful Ragdoll’s. With more than 50 years of breeding ahead of us, we hope this is something we can achieve in our lifetime.

If you are looking for a solid pedigree Ragdoll, please let us know and we can put you in contact with a breeder in Australia or New Zeland. 

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